Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Man of Character, A Character of a Man

Amy and I have sad news. Our Dad passed away last Friday. So everyone take a deep breath for us and take a drink of water. If you feel the need to have a bite to eat, well in honor of Dad consider: burnt cookies, well done steak, a thick slab of cheese, Oreo double stuff cookies, rye crisp crackers with peanut butter, potato salad, macaroni salad, smoked fish, smoked ham, dollar size pancakes, mexican food, or stir fry. Those were some of his favorites.

Wayne E. Nelson September 5, 1932- April 23, 2010

Wayne Nelson died unexpectedly April 23, 2010. Wayne was born to Tekney and Dorothy Nelson on September 5, 1932 in Yakima, WA. He filled his 77 years looking for the great perhaps. In that search Wayne worked as a jack of all trades and a master of some. His occupations included antique dealer, truck driver, hairdresser, water salesman, elephant hunter, wildcat well driller, maintenance man, gambler and helping people in need. Wayne stood up for what he believed in even though the road had been rough on occasion. He was a man of steel (rusty at times) and had a heart of gold.

Wayne was a proud Highline High School graduate from 1950. He served in the Navy from 1952-1956 including service during the Korean War. He furthered his service to his country and countrymen as a member of the Moose, Elks and Lion’s clubs.

As an avid and voracious reader, Wayne continued his education. He enjoyed gardening, was a casino regular up and down the coast and was an adventurous cook.

Wayne is survived by his daughters Amy Roney of Olympia, Wendy Grantham of Normandy Park, granddaughter Kat Roney of Olympia, Reyde Grantham of Normandy Park, brother Bob Nelson of Everett, significant other Delores Ehlers of Westport and his cats Bushy and Sheba of Westport.

Wayne, we are going to miss your cantankerous old self and your endless lectures.

A celebration of Wayne’s life will be held Saturday, May 15, 2010 at 2:00 PM at the Shoalwater Bay Indian Tribal Center located at 2373 Old Tokeland Road in Tokeland Washington.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

St. Patty's Day Dash

Woop woop.

Mom got us all registered for the dash tomorrow morning.

Love the timing of DAYLIGHT SAVINGS and the fun run. I see in the not so distant future, a group nap at the Grantham's or possibly on the Link Light Rail back home.

Short at sweet. Cuz it's 8.22pm (really 9.22pm) and I need to get to bed!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

I'm Baaaaack

My funk has passed thanks in part to a number of you fabulous people! My food choices are better ones and my exercise quantity and frequency have increased. Carmen, a real go getter, two weeks ago texted me that she had an idea she wanted to run by me. That really piqued my curiosity because this woman rewires lighting fixtures, digs up her yard to put in a pond and a flag stone walkway and just does things I think about but do not act on. Carmen's idea was that if I took a detour on my way home from work, I could stop by her office and we could walk a mile on her afternoon break. Her employer has a healthy employee initiative and there are walking routes identified with the mileage included. So in the last two weeks, 10 work days, we have walked eight times! This is in addition to strength training I have done. I feel so good... (Cue James Brown music.)

I shared this with Wendy this morning and she cut our conversation short so she could get on the treadmill. My exercise total she feared was higher than hers. Sibling rivialry can be a good thing.


Monday, March 1, 2010

Wagon Story- Part 2

I have a cravng. It is compulsive, an instant gratification. My mouth is watering...not really but GOSH DARNIT I want to WEIGH MYSELF!!!!!!!!

So we haven't had a club meeting. Timing doesn't allow it and Mom forgot to bring the scales to the beach house.

I did cheat. The weekend of February 20th, we started Quarter Midget Driver's Training. How convenient, the track has a scale house to weigh cars and drivers. I nonchalantly stepped on the scales when no one was around. I thought it couldn't be right; that the scales are dialed in to weigh accurately at 250+ pounds. As I am under 250, I justify in my mind that they can't be right since I didn't like the number.

Stepped on them twice with the same outcome. Hmmm. Maybe they are correct.

On Sunday I check in on the scales at Mom's. Yes, track scales are correct. F^&%$.

Fast forward to Friday Feb 26th. I texted Mom to remind her to bring the scales. I called Amy to see how she did and she tells me that Mom forgot the scales. What? I texted her and she said she'd pack them. I want to go over to her house and get them but I resist.

The urge is demanding my attention. The pull is stronger with each passing minute.

A hah! But I can weigh myself tomorrow at the track. Woopee, whippee, yippee. I go to bed, comforted by the fact that I can weigh myself on Saturday.

Scale house doors shut, and no one checks the weight of cars and drivers this Saturday. Aaahhh, this too shall pass, get over it Wendy.

The craving subsides until Sunday afternoon. I visit my Dad and see that he and his girlfriend have scales in their laundry room. Hmmm. I can weigh myself! But then I think to myself, for an accurate weight, I should take my shoes off, oh I will have to ask Dad how to work them, oh no, then he'll know the number and tease me incessantly, no don't weigh yourself, oh but wouldn't it be good to know that the number is less than last week at the track, oh but if you did then Dad would see how you check the number 4 or 5 times before you determine that the scale is right....

"Bye Dad, gonna go for a walk."

Living without scales is SO HARD.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wagon? I don't see no stinking wagon!

I have fallen off the healthier life style wagon. I have not written down the foods I have consumed since Wendy and I last weighed. I have let too many hours pass between meals so that I am ravenous and shaky with low blood sugar. I have not walked around the lake or danced Bollywood style either. I have chosen to eat candy, ice cream and fish and chips.

I should also share that I have been struggling with great sadness. My Great Aunt Dorothy passed away after Thanksgiving. She was the last of that generation. My Uncle Ed passed away last month. He is the first of his siblings to pass. These losses have stirred in me the emotions I have surrounding other losses I have not come to terms with.

While I have read about people being emotional eaters, and I assumed I was/am one too, I have come to realize I use food like some use alcohol and drugs. I know just the right combination of carbs and fat to ingest to get the desired physical high. Without the physical effects of my food-chemistry, these emotions have been much sharper and more painful. I am not practiced at feeling them at this intensity level. I cry at the drop of a hat and bite the heads off my family with little provocation. The old man at the gas station that pulled up to the gas pump I was pulling up to got the dirtiest look and it was all I could do not to tell him of his ill conceived birth and questionable parentage. Who knows what the neighbor boys were thinking when they skateboarded by as I was raking the leaves and sobbing.

I will post this and go for a walk, and probably a good cry. Maybe I should don one of Roger's old ratty fishing sweatshirts and my hunters hat so that I look like a scruffy mumbling street person. The crying would then be in character. It is that or eat more peanut M&Ms.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Physics is not my strong suit...

but it is Amy's. We weighed on Sunday at the beach. Each of us are down 4 pounds now. Woo hoo. And I always wonder where this weight goes, like shouldn't it mess with the universe and the rotation of the earth? So once again, I asked Amy to explain this to me. Have it on camera, well, audio, to refer back to. We both recognize the need for more exercise; this last week it was not in the mix at all. Started the week on a good note, a brisk lovely walk at the beach in Westport. Sun shining, only sweatshirts needed. Wish I was still at the beach! Happy Monday, here's the science lesson:

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Who is texting me at 7am????

OMG!! There are donuts in the staff room! It is Wed. and my defenses are set for Friday. -Amy


Or have a bite and chew 25 times to enjoy it but notice how you feel you probably wont finish- Wendy

Chewing that many times, never mind. I will resist. Now I want to have Mom meet me in Tacoma tonight to weigh.-Amy

Welcome to the group we work on a 12 step program yes you only get to weigh yourself 12 times a day- Wendy

Only 12 min more and I will have students and I will not be able to leave the room thus sequestering myself from the dangerous donuts.- Amy